Environmental Surface Testing for COVID-19

Environmental Surface Testing for COVID-19

The coronavirus pandemic has continued to restrict industries from operating at their usual rate and whilst there has been hope of restrictions easing and re-opening of a multitude of industries, some companies never closed. Those working in vital industries such as food and beverage, healthcare and testing laboratories have implemented and maintained social distancing regulations and PPE coverage. Although these restrictions and limitations are in place new research has shown that viral droplets remain dormant and waiting for a new source of re-hydration on surfaces for several hours and often days, and this has been investigated as a possible avenue of exposure.

Surface testing enables employers to monitor settings by isolating and decontaminating positive areas to reduce the further spread of viruses such as SARS-CoV-2 and protect the health and safety of employees and the environment they reside in.

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Testing a Lab for Contamination?

Test surfaces for SARS-CoV-2 using a swab in viral transport medium. Wipe the resting area and follow the protocol below:

How is the Test Run?

The Randox Environmental Surface test is run using our Biochip Array Technology on the Evidence Investigator analyser. This analyser combines a panel of specific COVID-19 tests on a single Biochip with a single set of reagents, controls and calibrators. Competitive chemiluminescent immunoassays are employed for the Biochip Arrays, generating a light signal from each of the test regions on the Biochip. This light signal is then detected using digital imaging technology and compared to that from a calibration curve.

The Evidence Investigator comes supplied as part of a package, with all essential components provided. These components are approved for use with the Evidence Investigator and make it easier for the user to conduct testing.

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How Long Does it Last on Surfaces?