The Evidence analyser is the world’s first Biochip Array Technology system and has revolutionised laboratory screening worldwide. As the first of its kind, the Evidence brings higher standards of quality, efficiency and reliability. Utilising Biochip Array Technology, the Evidence allows simultaneous detection of multiple analytes from a single sample for faster cost effective testing. With a throughput of more than 3,960 tests per hour, the Evidence analyser provides laboratories with an innovative and intuitive screening method.

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Cost Consolidation

Multiplex testing allows multiple tests to be carried out from a single sample, reducing the amount of time and labor spent on individual tests.

Reduced Sample Volume

Provides a complete drug of abuse profile using as little as 7µl of the sample, leaving the remainder of sample available for confirmatory testing.

Optimum Laboratory Efficiency

A fully automated system, maximising walk-away time allowing staff to dedicate more time to other important duties ensuring optimum laboratory productivity.

Multiple Matrices

Facilitates the analysis of multiple matrices, including serum, plasma, whole blood, oral fluid, urine and forensic matrices to accommodate any laboratory.

Complete Sample Profiling

Multiplex testing with Biochip Array Technology allows toxicologists to consider the complete picture thus facilitating well informed and accurate conclusions.

World’s Most Diverse Test Menu

More tests available than any other sole supplier with routine and novel markers available. Continually investing in R&D in-line with emerging drug trends.