EuroMedLab 2017 Scientific Poster Presentation

29 June 2017
EuroMedLab 2017 Scientific Poster Presentation

Recently we presented a scientific poster for the Evidence MultiSTAT at the EuroMedLab 2017 in Athens, Greece! 

Providing an overview of the test menu for our oral fluid panel, the results emphasis the Evidence MultiSTAT’s excellent correlation with confirmatory methods.

Sampling oral fluid against a cut-off sample, the results obtained are qualitative. The data highlights the practicality of screening prior to LC/MS confirmatory method testing, with the high sensitivity and accuracy of the results when compared.

Oral fluid represents an excellent alternative matrix for drugs of abuse testing as it is quick, simple, and non-invasive. The oral fluid matrix is ideal for workplace, custodial and formal laboratory drug testing.

With our Biochip array technology the Evidence MultiSTAT can detect 20 drugs of abuse from a single oral fluid sample in under 20 minutes! 

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