The Meth Epidemic Continues

07 November 2017
The Meth Epidemic Continues

Crystal meth has become the drug of choice for many across the globe, with a readily available supply and a variety of recipes available online. Cheaper than its primary stimulant competitor cocaine, methamphetamine is an extremely powerful and addictive binge drug.

Meth has a wide range of side effects such as, psychosis, hallucinations, aggression, insomnia, paranoia, and delusions. Randox Toxicology’s most comprehensive Classic Drugs of Abuse (DoA I+) test menu can detect methamphetamine across multiple forensic matrices. Our excellent assay precision and performance eliminates false reporting, reducing unnecessary confirmatory tests and time lost in the laboratory.

Police in New Zealand have been fighting a surging meth problem, with statistics showing that seizures of meth have close to tripled each year since 2012 (News Hub, 2017). Speaking about the countries ongoing methamphetamine problem, Richard Chambers of The National Drug Intelligence Bureau stated that there is a huge amount of work to be done.

The meth crisis has also continued within Australia where there was a recent discovery of 9 million doses of meth, hidden under floor-boards in a Melbourne warehouse. The countries close positioning to China has been blamed for various exported supplies, used for industrial purposes and abused by local crime organisations. The National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre documented that meth users have tripled over the past five years, a number which continues to rapidly grow within the younger community.

Another form of crystal meth, Strawberry Quick has once again made headlines since its first appearance in 2007. The sweet flavoured meth is mixed with sweets, drinks and other materials which smooth the rough chemical ingestion. In turn, the mixture has been described as creating a new market for first time meth users who find the drug easier to consume.

From a single sample Randox Toxicology’s latest array can rapidly and accurately detect methamphetamine using our Biochip Array Technology. Boasting cutting-edge multiplex testing capabilities our Biochip Array Technology has transformed the landscape of drug testing forever.

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