The Evidence MultiSTAT in the UAE

14 November 2017
The Evidence MultiSTAT in the UAE

With the number of deaths related to drug abuse continuing to rise there is an urgent need to provide adequate drug testing for the latest drugs on the market and that's why our team are constantly adapting to the ever changing drug toxicology market.

With our biochip array technology we are able to test for multiple drugs simultaneously from a single patient sample. Designed to work across a range of matrices including urine, whole blood and oral fluid, our Evidence MultiSTAT is deigned for non-laboratory staff in any workplace, providing results in 17 minutes.

Simple Process

1. Add sample to cartridge

2. Load sample and tip cartridges

3. Press start to get results

For more information on our biochip array technology please arrange a meeting with  Anil Padmanabhan at the GCC Forensic Conference in Abu Dhabi

We look forward to seeing you there!

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