Part 2 of 2: Northern Ireland's Prescription Drug Problem

30 November 2017
Part 2 of 2: Northern Ireland's Prescription Drug Problem

In Northern Ireland concerns have been raised regarding pregabalin, also known as brand name Lyrica or it’s street name “bud”. Pregabalin is a prescription anti-epileptic drug used to treat epilepsy, nerve pain and anxiety. However, with links of addiction, quantities of the medication are being purchased illegally on the streets or online. It has therefore been recommended that pregabalin become a Class C drug, making it illegal to obtain without a prescription.

BBC Spotlight revealed a 46% rise in pregabalin from a data base of 20 million prescription records written by GPs across Northern Ireland in the past four years. Dr Yasir Abbasi, a consultant psychiatrist and addiction specialist, expressed his concern over the dramatic figure and raised the question of pregabalins addiction potential. The documentary follows a previous BBC Three feature, “Drugs Map of Britain: Belfast Buds”, which followed the lives of young pregabalin addicts and the effects that the drug can have.

Randox Toxicology’s ELISA kits provide rapid detection of pregabalin. Our excellent correlation with confirmatory methods and significant re-investment in Research and Development has enabled us to develop a range of highly sensitive ELISA kits with an ever-expanding test menu. The scientific poster below provides an overview of our pregabalin ELISA.

Pregabalin ELISA

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Pregabalin can cause a variety of side effects such as feelings of euphoria, poor muscle control, blurred vision, constipation and vomiting. When abused or mixed with a cocktail of other drugs (polydrug abuse), prescription medication is extremely dangerous. Northern Irelands unhealthy relationship with prescription drugs needs a response!

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