The Evidence MultiSTAT at ArabLab

12 March 2018
The Evidence MultiSTAT at ArabLab

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) have a zero-tolerance policy for drug related offences and the presence of drugs in the blood stream counts as possession. However, the county’s law-enforcement have highlighted that customs inspectors require additional training to prevent drug smuggling operations.

According to Gulf News, in 2017 there were 515 drug dealers and a further 1,235 drug-related suspects detained for drug trafficking in the country. An additional 4,689 drug addicts were arrested, with drug-related arrests increasing by 121% in Dubai.

With social media outlets being used more frequently to sell and purchase drugs, Lt General Dahi Khalfan Tamim, Deputy Chairman of Police and Public Security in Dubai has called for tougher revisions in narcotic laws. “Drug addiction starts between age 12 and 18. Our teenagers are in danger because of illegal drugs and we need to modify the narcotic law in line with new changes, and combat drugs on social media. Judges need to issue tougher penalties on drug dealers too”. These changes would punish anyone wiring money to drug dealers outside of the UAE.

Visit Randox Toxicology at ArabLab, stand 138 hall S2 from the 18th – 21st March 2018. Come and see demonstrations of the most advanced screening technology on the market, the Evidence MultiSTAT and learn about our unrivalled toxicology test menu, capable of detecting over 500 drugs and drug metabolites.

Evidence MultiSTAT

Evidence MultiSTAT

                              - Fully automated benchtop immunoanalyser

- Up to 132 tests per hour

             - Results generated in 17 minutes

                   - 3 steps from sample entry to results

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