Heroin Accounts for Almost Half of Italian Drug Treatment Entrants

04 February 2019
Heroin Accounts for Almost Half of Italian Drug Treatment Entrants

In Italy, high-risk drug use remains predominantly linked to heroin. The most recent estimate suggests that there were approximately 205,200 high-risk heroin users in Italy in 2015, with a further 6,838 first-time entrants the following year. Heroin prevails as the most commonly abused substance among those seeking treatment, accounting for 47% of all cases. The coordination of drug-related treatment is carried out at a regional level by local heads of drug departments or services. Out of approximately 157,000 clients treated for drug dependence, the majority were treated for opioid dependency; mainly heroin.

Whilst heroin is the most commonly observed opioid to be consumed in Italy, the rise of synthetic opioids such as fentanyl has also been noted. These can be used in a similar way to natural opioids, however, as some synthetic opioids are more potent than natural opioids; they can be effective in very small doses and thus increase the risk of an overdose.

A recent update of the Italian Road Traffic law established severe sanctions when drivers, driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs are involved in a road that results in death or significant injury. Driving under the influence presents a great risk to both the driver and the people around. The introduction of highly accurate, cost effective testing equipment is key to ensure that these results are found to be accurate, improving the safety of roads, not just in Italy; but worldwide.

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