Back in the beginning ....

15 February 2016
Back in the beginning ....

Toxicology has subconsciously been all around us, from our childhood; with stories of Snow White being poisoned, Alice in Wonderland on acid to modern news reports of overdoses and drug induced cannibalism. It was less than a hundred years ago that we were giving children cocaine to cure hay fever, heroin to relieve coughs and cannabis to expedite delivery. Over the course of the last decade, there have been major changes in the types of substances on the market and significant developments in how laboratories detect these new substances. With so much variation in the type and complexity of drugs in the field, it’s hard to keep up to date on all the aspects of toxicological testing.  

This review has been produced to look back at where it all began and the key areas of development in toxicology. We review the changing attitudes to drug abuse which could lead to natural substances like cannabis being legal to creating synthetic substances making us masters of our own demise. With the advances of technology, leading to the sharing of information, producers of illegal substances are sharing information to avoid detection. However, the strength of the toxicology discipline, sharing advances in our field ensures we stay ahead of the producers. The team at Randox Toxicology love to hear about new stories or interesting developments in the field, so keep in touch with us on our social media.

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