Evidence Investigator

Versatile, efficient and comprehensive testing

The Evidence Investigator is a compact, semi-automated benchtop platform which avails of the world's most comprehensive toxicology test menu. Utilising revolutionary Biochip Array Technology, this analyser facilitates simultaneous detection of multiple drug metabolites from a single sample. With the ability to consolidate a number of immunoassay tests, the Evidence Investigator is an efficient and cost effective solution for drugs of abuse testing, providing laboratories with a highly sensitive immunoassay screen.


test processed per hour


μl sample for multiple tests


simultaneous tests per sample

Features & Benefits

Simultaneous Analyte Detection

The multiplex testing capabilities of Biochip Array Technology facilitates simultaneous screening of various drug metabolites across six toxicology arrays on the Evidence Investigator.

Extensive Test Menu

With more novel and routine drugs tests available than any other sole supplier, the Evidence Investigator utilises the world's largest toxicology test menu.

Small Sample Volume

When using the Evidence Investigator, only a small sample volume of 7-25 µl is required, leaving more sample remaining for confirmatory testing.

Multiple Matrices

The Evidence Investigator facilitates highly sensitive immunoassay screening of multiple matrices including serum, plasma, whole blood, oral fluid, urine and forensic matrices.

Accurate Testing

Multiplex analysis minimses analytical variation between tests and has a proven high standard of accurate tests results with CVs typically <10% with a reduction in false positives.

Optimum Efficiency

Multi-analyte controls and calibrators and multiplex testing capabilities facilitate laboratory efficiency and deliver a cost consolidating solution for the toxicology laboratory.

Full Technical Specification

Biochip format

Biochip Carrier holds 9 individual biochips

Biochip capacity

6 Biochip carriers on Investigator, 54 Biochips on Thermoshaker

Sample capacity

9 samples onboard

Sample loading

Single carrier loading bay

Maximum throughput

54 samples per hour

Sample throughput

Ability to process 702 tests in 70 minutes

Sample types

Whole blood, post-mortem blood, urine, oral fluid, hair, vitreous humor, meconium, tissue & forensic matrices

Sample volume

7 - 25μl

Reagent volume

Panel specific, supplied in kits

Quality control

Extensive QC package including full QC reports, Levey-Jennings charts and multi-rule Quality Control options

Calibration principal

9 Point multi-analyte calibration - one calibration to run the full array of tests

Measurement principal

Competitive, Sandwich and Antibody Capture techniques with Chemiluminescent reaction

Incubation time

Panel-specific, 30-60 minutes


LIMS integration

Network services

Highly secure remote diagnostics, automated software and panel updates

Data back-up methods

Via writable DVD, CD, USB Mass-storage or Network folder


Operating temperature 16 – 30°C / 61 – 86°F

Start up / shut down time

Fully automated procedure; 210 seconds to cool down to operating temperature and 150 seconds warm up


Printer, barcode scanner, carrier handling rack, thermoshaker, PC and imaging software

Biochip Testing Platforms

Product randox toxicology revolutionary technology evidence evolution

Evidence Evolution

  • Fully automated, random access analyser
  • 2640 tests per hour
  • Ideal for high throughput labs
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  • Fully automated immunoanalyser
  • >1500 tests per hour 
  • Ideal for high throughput laboratories
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Evidence MultiSTAT

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  • 60 tests per hour
  • Workplace drug testing or custody suites

Product randox toxicology biochip array technology evidence investigator analyzer  1

Evidence Investigator

  • Semi-automated, bench top analyser
  • 702 tests in 70 minutes
  • For small to medium sized laboratories

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