Phenytoin is an anti-epileptic drug used for the control of generalised seizures by slowing down impulses in the brain, however incorrect doses can prove toxic. The effects of incorrect phenytoin treatment can include insomnia, nausea, confusion and fatigue.


Excellent Precision

The Randox Phenytoin assay offers excellent precision less than 5% CV, providing toxicology laboratories with consistently accurate results.

Wide measuring range

The Randox Phenytoin assay has a wide measuring range of 2.9-44.5 µg/ml, capable of detecting levels beyond the therapeutic range of 10-20 µg/ml.

Limited Interference

This assay has limited interference from Bilirubin, Haemoglobin, Intralipid® and Triglycerides ensuring accurate results and avoiding unnecesary further investigations.

Exceptional correlation

The Phenytoin assay showed a correlation of r=0.99 against another commercially available method, offering a highly accurate drug monitoring solution.

RX series analysers available

Product monaco copy

RX monaco

  • Fully automated, random access analyser
  • 170 tests per hour
  • Ideal for low-mid volume testing
Product imola copy

RX imola

  • Fully automated, random access analyser
  • 400 photometric tests per hour
  • Ideal for medium throughput laboratories
Product daytona  copy

RX daytona+

  • Fully automated analyser
  • 450 tests per hour 
  • Ideal for mid volume laboratories

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