Hair Drug Testing – Brazil

Nearly 1.25 million people die in road accidents every year, while a further 20-50 million people become injured or disabled. Roughly more than half of all road accidents occur among young adults between the ages of 15 and 44.

Within Brazil it is estimated that there are 45,000 deaths per year that are directly related to road accidents. One of the main causes of these accidents is that drivers are driving under the influence of drugs. In Brazil, truck drivers who are suspected of driving under the influence of drugs are only tested for ethanol. Statistics have shown that at least 66% of truck drivers use amphetamines while driving. Other statistics have shown that at least 94.4% of truck drivers have been implicated in crashes and 34.9% have improperly used medication while driving.

Brazilian truck drivers will often use stimulant drugs to prevent them from sleeping during long-distance trips. Substances like cannabis and cocaine will also be used for the same reason.

Hair drug testing allows for a 90-day window of detection and has a much better chance of catching drug users than other matrices like blood, urine and oral fluid etc. It also eliminates the risk of contamination and cheating as the tests are conducted under strict supervision.

Evidence Investigator

As the need for hair drug testing is increasing, Randox Toxicology are leading the way in developing new drugs of abuse tests. Our semi-automated Evidence Investigator analyses our Biochip Array Technology to deliver up to 2376 accurate and reliable results in 70 minutes.

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