Half of the worlds consumed cocaine originates from Colombia

Colombia is well known for its cultivation and trafficking of drugs rather than consumption. It is estimated that half of the worlds consumed cocaine originates from Colombia and according to the United Nations office of drugs and crime, in 2016, 18 million people used the illicit drug worldwide.

With a reputation as the cocaine capital of the world, the country is producing more of the drug than ever before, with new figures from the United Nations stating that Colombia had a record potential cocaine production of 866 tons in 2016.

Demand for the drug comes primarily from the United States and Europe, however South America has also grown into a major consumption market.

Forming part of our Evidence Series range of analysers, the fully automated Evidence MultiSTAT provides a rapid drugs of abuse analysis, delivering results from one single sample in under 20 minutes. Designed to work across multiple matrices such as urine, blood, and oral fluid, our versatile analyser uses a simple process which can be carried by non-laboratory staff, providing highly accurate qualitative results.


Simple Process

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1. Add sample to cartridge

2. Load sample and tip cartridges

3. Press start to get results

Randox Toxicology also provide the best performing ELISA kits on the market, offering superior binding characteristics and detection limits. With excellent cross-reactivity and unrivalled limits of detection over a range of routine and novel assays including Cocaine Metabolite (Benzoylecgonine), intra and inter assay precision are typically <10% giving excellent correlation with confirmatory methods.

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