800TS Plate Reader

The 800TS is a robust microplate reader ideally suited for routine drug detection in the laboratory. Complete with touchscreen and USB capabilities, the high-quality microplate reader requires limited space for outstanding performance, with Gen5™ software available for advanced data handling and analysis.

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Compact System

No requirement for large bench space making it the perfect solution for smaller laboratories.

High Accuracy

Accurate software processing which ensures confidence in results generated for reporting.

Speed Reading

Rapid microplate reading meaning there is less downtime in the lab.

Multiple Plate Formats

Ideal for a variety of applications including ELISA, protein, and other endpoint protocols.

Optimal Perfromance

High-quality hardware and optical design ensure excellent results for all assays.

Gen5™ Software

Gen5 software provided for further advanced data handling and custom reporting.
  • Exclusive ELISA Tests
  • Other ELISA Tests

Exclusive ELISA Test

Exclusive ELISA Test
Mitragynine (Kratom)

Other ELISA Tests