Perth’s Silent Killer

PerthNow have released a report claiming that sleeping pills and anti-anxiety drugs have become the nation’s silent killer in Australia. With the number of people dying from prescription drugs having more than doubled in a decade, studies indicate that five people a day are now dying from a drug related overdose.

In 2016, the total number of deaths from drug abuse reached a 20 year high of 2,177 overdoses. According to the report, prescription opioids including oxycodone were the cause for most accidental drug related deaths. However, benzodiazepine usage had also risen dramatically for anxiety and sleeping disorders, with 600 reported overdoses a year since 2013. Described as the “silent killers that have slipped under the radar”, chief executive John Ryan from the Penington Institute has urged the Federal Government to increase drug treatment and review the county’s current drug policy.

Randox Toxicology offer the most comprehensive drugs of abuse test menu across multiple forensic matrices including whole blood, urine and oral fluid. Our level of expertise in toxicology research and development allows us to adapt quickly to the ever-changing market influences and develop assays with optimum target compounds and excellent specificities for current and novel drug trends.

Utilising Biochip Array Technology, our fully automated Evidence MultiSTAT analyser delivers reliable and accurate results in under 20 minutes. Capable of detecting 21 classical, prescription and synthetic drugs from a single sample including benzodiazepines, oxycodone and tramadol, the Evidence MultiSTAT is the most advanced technology on the market.

The automated process and minimal sample preparation means testing can be carried out by non-laboratory trained staff in any workplace. Simply add the sample to the cartridge, then load the sample and tip cartridge into the analyser and press start.

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