Significant Drug Seizures in Italy, Albania and Turkey

A major international drug cartel was disbanded by authorities in Albania and Italy in late June. This success has been a part of authorities plans to dismantle one of the main drug trafficking routes into Europe. Approximately 3.5 tonnes of cannabis, hashish and cocaine as well as other goods and assets were detained, totaling an estimated €44m (£40m).

“Today’s action is the culmination of long-lasting criminal proceedings in Albania and in Italy,” said a press release by EuroJust.

Cocaine Filled Coffee Beans

More recently in mid-July at Milan’s Malpensa airport, Police in Italy uncovered a package containing approximately 500 coffee beans filled with cocaine. Italian police tracked the package to where it was delivered to a Tobacco shop in Florence, where they arrested a 50-year-old Italian citizen.

Drug Trafficking Network Uncovered in Turkey

Separate to these networks and arrests, police in Turkey also announced that 67 people had been detained who were involved with a drug trafficking network, along with $10m (£8m) cash. This network was found to extend from Turkey to Europe and South America.

With Europe’s illegal drug trade worth an estimated $30bn (£24bn) annually, these seizures though significant, show just how hard it is to make a dent in the illicit industry.

Randox Toxicology

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