United Arab Emirates War Against Drugs

Gulf News reported that in the first quarter of 2018, more than 100kg of illegal drugs had been seized in customs at Dubai Airports. The seizures were made 134 times, preventing the drugs from entering the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

In a recent statement by The National, the UAE have been described as being “on the front line of the war against drugs” as it documented a record number of amphetaminesseized by the Abu Dhabi Police. In 2017, 20.08 million Captagon pills were seized, worth 1.02 billion UAE dirham and resulted in 61,595 samples being collected to aid the investigations by the Forensic Evidence Department. With 90% of the world’s opium being produced in Afghanistan and Captagon being produced in Syria, the UAE is a major hub for drug trafficking due to the port and airport infrastructure, making it an entry point towards Europe, America and Saudi Arabia.

Moreover, The Forensic Science and Criminology Department of Dubai Police have uncovered 17 incidents since 2016 where e-cigarettes have been used to consume drugs. Hashish oil is mixed with the new psychoactive substance drug known as “Spice” and other banned drugs to create a dangerous toxin. Drug addiction in the UAE has cost Dubai an estimated 5.5 billion dirhams each year.

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