Wastewater Analysis of Drug Use in Europe

A recent study has delved into the drug-taking habits of people residing in 88 cities across Europe, spanning 24 countries, including 23 member states of the European Union as well as Turkey. The study relied on the analysis of wastewater to obtain new data on the drug usage patterns of the inhabitants in these cities. The results showed:

– That there has been a persistent rise in cocaine usage.

– There is a new rise in MDMA usage.

– Ketamine usage has increased in half of the cities.

– The highest detection of cannabis was found in southern and western Europe.


These findings suggest that drug use is on the rise. Randox Toxicology provides solutions for routine drug screening. Our range of versatile analysers can detect up to 44 drugs of abuse per sample. They can be used in a variety of industries, including workplaces, rehabilitation centres, festivals, prisons, emergency/hospitals, airports, and the transport and mining industry.


Our ToxPlex array has been created for use with our Evidence MultiSTAT analyser, an easy-to-use, fully automated benchtop platform that can provide up to 58 results from 2 samples in under 30 minutes, the ToxPlex Array offers analytical cost savings and ensures improved decision-making by aiding judgement on borderline results and additional LCMS/GCMS requirements. User-defined cut-offs allow laboratory staff to select the cut-off that is best suited to a country or market regulation, and the increased test panel covers several common drugs of abuse, prescription drugs and new psychoactive substances.


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