The Prevalence of Adolescent Substance Abuse in Kuwait

A recent study has outlined the alarming prevalence of drug use among adolescent boys in Kuwait. A group of 1,310 boys between the age of 13-16 were surveyed and it was reported that 90 of these had used illicit drugs in the past, with half of these reporting drug use before the age of 12. This is reflective of the wider drug use landscape in Kuwait, with an estimated 15,000-20,000 addicts currently in the country.  Dr Ahmad Al-Shatti from the Anti-Drug Media project “Ghiras” said that “The majority of these addicts are young people, which obliges us to cooperate to stop the great loss of lives and to make the community aware to eliminate this dangerous phenomenon. Our campaign supports adults and children face any negativity that may lead to drug addiction or other problems,” he pointed out.

Kuwait is among the strictest nations in the world for sanctions as a result of drug possession, having any amount of illicit substance can result in life imprisonment.

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