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  • Drug Use Australia

    Approximately 43% of all Australians aged 14 years and over have admitted to using an illicit drug on at least one occasion throughout their life, alongside this, nearly 16% of Australians have
  • Drug Use in Northern Ireland

    The number of drug-related deaths that occurred in Northern Ireland grew exponentially to a total of 189 last year, which is the highest recorded level. According to a report carried out by
  • 2019 World Drug Report

    In the turn of the new year, we look at the current trends in drug abuse throughout the world and what the key figures say about drug use in the world. Opioids
  • Scottish Police’s Crackdown on Drug-Drivers

    Every year, Police Scotland launch a campaign that is aimed to prevent an increase in the number of drug-drivers around the festive period. The campaign will have a zero-tolerance approach towards the
  • South Africa’s War on Drugs

    Around 20% of South Africans, one in every five adults, abuse mind-altering substances such as alcohol, marijuana and painkillers. This is topped by a rise in the number of people using illicit
  • Opioid Use on the Rise Globally

    The UN World Drug Report 2019 estimates that drug usage numbers have spiked up by 30 percent. From the infectious “zombie” drug Krokodil (a synthetic opioid) spreading to new shores, to the
  • Drug Trends – Japan

    Japan is not a country that is generally associated with drug abuse and drug problems. The lifetime usage rate of illegal drugs in Japan is very low when put up against other
  • Hair Drug Testing – Brazil

    Nearly 1.25 million people die in road accidents every year, while a further 20-50 million people become injured or disabled. Roughly more than half of all road accidents occur among young adults
  • Prescription Drugs – UK

    Health chiefs within the UK are worried that hundreds of thousands of people are becoming addicted to prescription drugs.  A Public Health England Review found that a quarter of adults were using

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