Biochip Vs ELISA: Discover which method is right for you!

The global drug market is growing at a rapid rate with multiple drugs emerging incessantly. The advancement of biochip technology has enabled Randox Toxicology to create pioneering developments to stay ahead of this ever changing market.

With significant reinvestment in Research and Development, our unrivalled expertise and turnaround in antibody generation has led to the evolution of superior biochip multiplexing analysers and arrays. These arrays provide trusted solutions for the screening of drugs of abuse and enable us to introduce novel tests and determine the optimum target compounds and specificities.


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Additionally, we continue to develop the highest quality ELISAs on the market. As this technique has been utilised as a screening tool for some time, we understand that this method is a popular choice for many laboratories.

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Discover which method is right for you!

Both of our methods offer excellent cross-reactivity and unrivalled limits of detection over a range of routine and novel assays including Cocaine Metabolite (Benzoylecgonine). Intra and inter assay precision typically <10% gives excellent correlation with confirmatory methods. However, only Randox Toxicology have patented arrays for a vast number of assays such as FentanylMDMAα-pvp and oxycodone. Additionally, we place quality assurance and accreditation at the core of our manufacturing processes to ensure this high standard is maintained.

On the contrary, our Biochip and ELISA kits are designed to work across a diverse range of matrices including urine, blood, and oral fluid whilst covering multiple drug classes such as classical, prescription and synthetic drugs of abuse.

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