Biochip Vs ELISA

Randox Toxicology’s latest series, Biochip Vs ELISA highlights our routine and novelELISA products and how they differ from Biochip Array Technology. Showcasing our journey and ongoing brand evolution, discover which method is right for you!


Episode 1: Meet ELISA

Episode 1 “Meet ELISA” uses speed reading to showcase Randox Toxicology’s extensive and ever-expanding ELISA test menu, including our range of New Psychoactive Substances, drugs of abuse, stimulants, analgesics and sedatives. Manufactured in the United Kingdom, our continuous reinvestment in research and development has enabled us to develop a range of exclusive ELISA kits such as, MitragynineMT-45, and U-47700which was involved in the death of the famous singer Prince.

Exclusive ELISA Tests
Our cost effective ELISA kits are the highest quality on the market and results provide excellent correlation with confirmatory methods, typically <10% CV.


Episode 2: Meet Biochip 

Based on ELISA principles, episode 2 “Meet Biochip” illustrates Biochip Array Technologyas a solid-state device with discrete test sites onto which antibodies specific to different drug compounds are immobilised and stabilised. Moving away from traditional single analyte assays, Biochip Array Technology boasts cutting-edge multiplex testing capabilities for rapid and accurate drug detection from a single sample.

As the primary manufacturers of Biochip Array Technology, Randox Toxicology offer the most advanced screening technology on the market. With the world’s largest test menu capable of detecting over 500 drugs, Randox Toxicology are changing the landscape of drugs of abuse testing.

Biochip Array Technology

Episode 2: Meet Biochip launches on the 14th February 2018. Stay tuned!


Episode 3: Biochip Vs ELISA

Episode 3 “Biochip Vs ELISA” will give you the opportunity to hear from a professional! Laura Keery our Senior Research and Development Team Leader gives you a behind the scenes look at our Biochip Array Technology and ELISA products in action at our new Science Park, answering some of those must know questions.

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Don’t miss it! Episode 3 released on the 15th February 2018.


Episode 4: Biochip Vs ELISA 360-Degrees

If you missed it at SOFT-TIAFT 2017, our Biochip Vs ELISA 360-degree video gives you the opportunity to experience Biochip and ELISA in action.

A must watch closing episode of the series, 16th February 2018.


Discover which method is right for you!


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