Drug Use a Youth Problem Inside & Outside of College in US

Use of drugs amongst youths in the US is quite prevalent, but particularly amongst non-college youths. According to a recent survey by the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIH)in 2017, marijuana is the most commonly used drug amongst young people in the US, apart from alcohol. Marijuana use is nearly three times as high among non-college youths as opposed to college students, with the survey finding that use of the drug among non-college youths has reached an all-time high of 13.2% in 2017.

In addition to this, the same survey found that synthetic cannabinoids like K2/spice was used by 0.5% of college students in 2017, compared to 2.4% of youths not in college. Also, synthetic cathinones (bath salts) were used by 1.5% of non-college youths, whilst 0.2% of college students are said to have used it.

A concern, however, is that younger graders in high schools are also reported to have used illicit drugs. A survey from Ashwood Recovery showed that amongst 8th grade students, there was a 2.7% increase in illicit drug use in 2016, a bigger increase in illicit drug use than any other grade level in high school. This accounted for experimentation with drugs (including illicit drugs), or trying drug substances for the first time.

In terms of those using the drug consistently or as a habit, more than one in four (25.7%) of 12th graders take illicit drugs or inhalants as a regular practice, whilst almost one in five (18.1%) of 10th graders use illicit drugs.

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Where do we fit in?

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