Global Drug Seizure News 2022

Nespresso Delivery

On the 2nd of May 2022, workers in a Swiss Nespresso factory had a shock after they noticed a white power among a shipment container full of coffee sacks. Swiss police were alerted, and their analysis concluded that the powder was the illegal drug cocaine with a purity of 80%. With over 500kg of cocaine being seized from the shipment that arrived from Brazil, it takes the place of being one of Switzerland’s largest drug seizures; with an estimated value of £41 million.

Cocaine disguised as potatoes

On the 15th of June, over one tonne of cocaine was disguised as potatoes and chips in a shipment from Colombia set for Spain. The powdered drug was shaped into the irregular balls using a hydraulic press and frozen for the shipment. More than 50 police and sniffer dogs worked to discover the drug haul after receiving a tip-off by an anonymous caller. Suspicion was raised once the packaging of the drug didn’t have any expiration date. This highlights the innovative ways drug gangs have created in order to smuggle illegal drugs.

Police dog discovers 5000 pounds of meth

On the US-Mexico border, a very good boy, police dog Milo, alerted San Diego’s police of a record breaking 5000 lb load of methamphetamine. Coming from Mexico, the illegal drug was found inside a box truck, where four men were seen unloading multiple cardboard boxes into a Dodge van. These boxes contained 148 bundles of the drug that are believed to have been in plan to be distributed throughout San Diego and beyond. The average street price for one gram of meth can range between $20-$40. During the continuous battle of drug smuggling between Mexico and the US, this seizure strikes as a major win for the American authorities.

Randox Toxicology

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