Our New Xylazine ELISA

Randox Toxicology continue to lead in new test development within the ever-changing drugs of abuse market. Our newly established test for xylazine is the first immunoassay test in the world for this drug of abuse.

Randox Xylazine ELISA

Street Names: Tranq, Tranq Dope, Sleep-Cut, Philly Dope and Zombie Drug


Xylazine is an analgesic drug primarily used within the veterinary industry as a tranquilizer. It has not been approved for human use, however, in recent years it has been linked to the USAs illicit drug supply. Studies continue to see the drug, which is not deemed an opioid, used as an additive in heroin and illicit fentanyl, and the severity of its side effects remain a concern: depressed breathing, blood pressure, heart rate and body temperature to critical levels.

Available now on the Evidence MultiSTAT!

Simultaneously screen two samples for up to 29 drugs of abuse, including xylazine, on our ToxPlex Array in just 31 minutes!

A fully automated analyzer, the MultiSTAT can be operated by someone with absolutely no laboratory experience, and in any environment.

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