International Day Against Drug Abuse

From the 7th of December 1987, the general Assembly of the United Nations formally made the 26th of June an international day against drug abuse and illicit trafficking as a symbol to promote a society which is free of drug abuse.  According to the UNODC, nearly 200 million people are using illicit drugs such as cocaine, cannabis, hallucinogens, opiates and sedative hypnotics worldwide and around 190,000 people die due to illicit drugs every year. This cause is supported by Randox Toxicology to express their general concern to the steady increase of drug abuse worldwide. Randox Toxicology and other organisations want to raise awareness about this major crisis which has caused thousands of fatalities. This day is often referred by antidrug campaigners as 6/26. This is a play on to the day 4/20 where marijuana smokers celebrate the drug cannabis.

The UN General Assembly had a special session on drugs in April 2016. This session marked a milestone in achieving goals set in a policy document. These policies were created in 2009 and were known as the “Political Declaration and Plan of Action on International Cooperation towards an Integrated and Balanced Strategy to Counter the World Drug Problem.” Further goals are trying to be achieved before 2020.

The policy document has many goals and seeks to try and end drug abuse in the world. The document recommends measuring supply demands and supply reduction, it also believes it would be beneficial to improve access to controlled medicines but not creating a diversion or any conflict whilst doing so. The policies are very acceptable too everyone around the world, the recommendations from the document also cover areas like women, children, human rights and youth. This document puts a huge emphasis on prevention and treatment of drug abuse.

Randox Toxicology’ pioneering technology has created many advancements in the field of toxicology. Our patented Biochip Array Technology can simultaneously screen from a multi-analyte testing platform, achieving a complete immunoassay profile from the initial screening phase. Designed to work across a diverse range of matrices including urine, blood, and oral fluid, our technology covers multiple drug classes such as classical, prescription and synthetic drugs of abuse. Our products are suitable for laboratory, custodial and workplace environments, allowing staff to operate the analyser in different environments.

Let’s help bring a stop to drug abuse and illicit trafficking.

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