International World Drug Day 2020

Today marks International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking 2020 on the global calendar, raising awareness for the issues arising from drug use in our society. According to the UNODC World Drug Report 2020, global drug use is on the rise with 269 million people using drugs in 2018, a 30% increase from 2009.

‘Better Knowledge for Better Care’

This World Drug day, the focus is on addressing the misinformation surrounding drug use in our community, striving for ‘Better Knowledge for Better Care’. It can be commonly misunderstood that drug use is a crime which should be punished. However, this misconception needs to be replaced by the reality that it is a health issue which can be attributed to uncontrollable factors such as mental health, genetic make-up and environment.

COVID-19 Impact On Drug Use & Trade

The report states that while the effects of COVID-19 on the drugs market are difficult to predict, it has already been seen that the closing of international boarders has caused interruptions in the supply of drugs. Such restrictions have impacted the purity of drugs as manufacturers seek to bulk out drugs with other dangerous substances.

The pandemic has cause record unemployment rates across the globe, with the poorest in our community being the hardest hit. People who are finding themselves in such vulnerable positions, the report says, are at a higher risk of drug use, trafficking and cultivation as a means to earn money or cope with the uncertainty they are facing.

Governments Must Take Action

The report calls on Governments across the globe to take action and urges them not to cut budgets for drug treatment services and trafficking prevention. Doing so will only compound the danger to the most vulnerable people in our community, who are already facing a disproportionate percentage of effects of the pandemic.

We must continue to fight against drug trafficking and not allow the pandemic to hinder our efforts. Through investing in pioneering technology, we at Randox Toxicology are aiding in this effort. Our range of analysers suit a variety of needs in terms of sample throughput, turnaround time, lab experience and the ability to operate analysers in different environments ranging from office to laboratory settings.

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