Opioid Use on the Rise Globally

The UN World Drug Report 2019 estimates that drug usage numbers have spiked up by 30 percent. From the infectious “zombie” drug Krokodil (a synthetic opioid) spreading to new shores, to the endless supply of ecstasy popping up, drugs and new ways to get high are rising across the world.

The report also estimated that drug use in India has gone up by 30 percent. This doesn’t only refer to occasional /” recreational” weed smoking, cocaine uses or ecstasy use. The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) has found that out of the 271 million drug users globally, at least 35 million have developed drug-related disorders.

Opioids are the drugs that present the largest cause for concern due to the impact on the health of users. Amongst the negative consequences of drug use, mental health disorders, HIV infection, hepatitis C and overdose are the main concerns, many of which can lead to death. Injecting drugs, mainly opioids, is deemed the most dangerous way of consuming drugs due to the spread of diseases through the sharing of needles. According to the report, 50 per cent of those who inject drugs live with hepatitis C.

Mortality rates overwhelmingly affect men who account for 72 per cent of those who die because of drug use. Sixty-eight per cent of overdose deaths in 2017 were due to opioids.


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