Randox’s Important Role in COVID-19

In early March, the UK as with many other countries was impacted by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Localised and nationalised restrictions were implemented, changing the way we work, shop, dine and engage with others.

A sample specimen is no longer directly associated with drug testing instead it’s a simple quick test to detect the presence of COVID-19. With Science, health and health inequalities being brought into sharper focus, both governmental and societal response has been vital to decrease further potential outbreaks keeping the reproduction number (R number) down.

It’s been hard to follow the total number of cases and deaths, however, looking at the available statistics, according to the John Hopkins University there has been a reported 41.7M global cases of which 1.14M have sadly passed away. Countries have been affected differently and with many suffering worse impacts than others.

Operating on an international scale comes with many obstacles such as language differences, currency conversions and regulation variances. But one obstacle the entire world has in common at this current point in time is responding to COVID-19.

You will have heard terminology being used from both health and government bodies to bring a general understanding to how a virus is impacting the public. One word that has stood out is ‘testing’. Testing has become more widely available from various company’s and associations.


Randox’s Important Role in COVID-19

As part of the UKs National COVID Testing Programme Randox have played a major part in delivering a vast amount of testing, with over 4 million samples tests recorded so far.

Evidence has shown that as restrictions begin to ease the rate at which the virus spreads increases. It is our role to continue to aid the fight against COVID-19.


Did you know?…

Alongside public government testing, Randox has also provided private testing for companies and individuals. With the capability of increasing this we offer various testing options:



If you need or are interested in implementing a premium strategic workplace testing programme for COVID-19, get in touch with us by emailing: info@randoxtoxicology.com or visit our website: randoxtoxicology.com


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