Women boycott bars UK wide due to spiking epidemic

In the last few years drink spiking has become an increasing problem. Reportedly in the last two months spiking has been at an all-time high with reportedly around 200 spiking cases in the UK. Spiking is common in drinks with drugs such as MDMA.  From a YouGov report (One in nine women say they have had their drink spiked | YouGov) around one in nine women have been spiked and most girls know of a friend who has been spiked.


Some of the more common side effects of spiking are:


Loss of inhibitions




Problems with visibility and balance


In October and November 2021 women and university students across the UK decided to boycott bars and clubs across forty-five different cities, to raise awareness about the at large spiking problem. This was peaceful protest to inform every one of the recent spiking problems.

Women are not the only ones who can be victims of spiking, anyone can have their drinks spiked. Around eight percent of the general population have claimed they have had their drinks spiked, whilst around six percent of men have come forward and admitted they have been spiked. These figures are not as accurate as they could be, as people are scared to report they have been spiked due to self-doubt, or embarrassment. One of the more common reasons for not reporting spiking is the fear that the police will not take victims seriously about their claims.

There are steps to take to help reduce the risk of being spiked: use bottle stoppers, do not leave your drink unattended or accept one from a stranger, use a testing kit and report unusual behaviour to the police or bar staff.

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